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FALL / WINTER 2018 PIERCE 11 MARKETING ON ICE I n summer 2008, Jason Little took a 600-mile canoe trip on the Kazan River in Canada's Nunavut Territory. "I was blown away with the landscape, animals (including caribou, muskox, lake trout), the cultural sites and the Inuit people I met on the river," said the Franklin Pierce professor of marketing. "Nunavut is really the last frontier in North America — a territory three times larger than Texas, with a population of only 40,000 — primarily Inuit spread across 25 hamlets." at trip made him realize he wanted to work on a project that would combine his love of university teaching with his admiration for Inuit culture. It would take another 10 years to come to fruition, but in July 2018, Little fulfilled his dream, traveling to Nunavut to mentor a small group of young Inuit entrepreneurs and complete a study that would benefit Inuit-owned businesses there. e center for his studies would be the hamlet of Pond Inlet, a location he calls "a crown jewel" at the northern tip of Baffin Island overlooking a northwest passage through Eclipse Sound. rough networking , Little met Aileen Hope. "She is what I consider an angel volunteer in the community, speaks Inuktitut and knows just about everyone at Pond," said Little. She connected him with a group of young entrepreneurs who had been meeting monthly at the local library, and Little began mentoring sessions via videoconferencing. ey worked on sustainable business practices, mission statements, quality product design, website development and inventory management, issues that take on special challenges in a location where ice conditions dictate accessibility and drive business cycles. "I wanted to learn about what kind of marketing communication strategies are being used and what might be done differently to improve the strateg y to get the word out." Earlier this spring , before leaving on his semesterlong sabbatical, he engaged students in Franklin Pierce's Small Business Advisory Club to do preliminary research on 343 Inuit-owned companies, gathering data on their existing online presence and marketing strategies. eir work is part of Little's larger report, "A Research Study to Determine Effective Marketing Communication Strategies for Businesses Located in Nunavut, Canada." In July, Little met with his core group of mentees to help their small businesses improve on leadership best practices, goal setting , business planning , budgeting and accountability. He worked intensively with Jamesie Itulu, a partner in the emerging business High Arctic Apparel Company and member of the Pond Inlet Community Economic Development Committee. He also interviewed business leaders in Pond Inlet and Iqaluit, the capital of the Nunavut Territory, about their use of market communications and the potential for improvement. Little expects to share his research with leaders of business development organizations in Nunavut (including Inuit-owned) by the end of the year, and hopes to present his findings at the Iqaluit Trade Show and Northern Lights Conference in 2019. He plans to continue incorporating his research in his classes at Franklin Pierce and will share his experiences during the annual Academic Showcase in April 2019. — Julie Rizzo Jason Little Studies Canadian Inuit Businesses

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