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FALL / WINTER 2018 PIERCE 37 TELEVISION Breen and his team are also at the beck and call of breaking news. ere are times when the news team spends the entire day prepping their evening newscast, only to be forced to throw the whole thing out and start from scratch 20 minutes before going on the air. Breen describes the 100-person newsroom as a bunch of "news junkies." He takes pride in how they never stop working and stresses the "always" when he points out they "always have fun." Breen's career has taken him around the world on behalf of WMUR and ABC News. As a videographer, he was on the sideline capturing footage of the New England Patriots' appearance in Super Bowl XXXI. On the news front, he has interviewed every presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan. He interviewed two sitting presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, in the Oval Office. He has covered trade missions to Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Denmark and Germany with Jeanne Shaheen when she was the governor of New Hampshire. Every four years, WMUR co-produces ABC News' presidential debate, an event Breen is a part of. STILL HAVING FUN When asked about the future, Breen points to two things which keep him going : he's still having fun, and he's still learning. "As long as I have those two things, I'll keep working here," he said. "Every day I learn something ; the technology is crazy." Breen pointed to a 2016 visit by former president Barack Obama to Pease Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth. It marked the first time WMUR had streamed anything from location directly to the newscast; they were live on the air, but without the traditional use of a production truck. "at was amazing," Breen recalled thinking aer the fact. "How did we do that?" "How did we do that?" has become a common refrain for Breen as the industry's technolog y continues to advance. He used the same phrase to describe a device which allows the news team to go live from anywhere in the country. Breen described it as a "brick" the size of about six cell phones and was amazed at the innovation it represented. Breen has also helped implement a proprietary system on behalf of Hearst Television, WMUR's parent company, allowing his teams to edit footage in the field and send it back to the studio for near- immediate airing. Breen said one of his very first assignments for WMUR was to cover Ronald Reagan, president at that time. More than three decades later, Breen is still awestruck about how he, the "country bumpkin" from North Adams, came to be in such a situation. "It's amazing when you think about it," Breen offers, with the same sense of wonder he seems to hold for every aspect of his job. "How did this ever happen?" Breen with Hillary Clinton, left and Donald Trump, right, as they stopped in New Hampshire during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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