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20 PIERCE / SPRING 2016 But Cote felt a hunger to engage with history not only through research, reading, and teaching, but also through hands-on, meaningful work out in the "real world" — in those places where history and the public meet in unique ways. So not just any program would do. In the spring of 2007, as Cote was making her col- lege decision, Franklin Pierce was one of a handful of universities that had begun ofering an undergraduate minor in Public History, an emerging feld that focuses on the many ways in which the past comes alive outside the traditional classroom through museums, touring ex- hibits, historical sites, oral histories, documentaries, and new forms of media. That opportunity, and the student- centered atmosphere of a small liberal arts college, won Cote over, and she enrolled in Pierce with plans to study European History and minor in Public History After graduating from Pierce, Cote attended the Uni- versity of London Royal Holloway to earn her Master's in Public History, and then worked as an education and public programs assistant at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Mass. Like many history majors (see accompanying article), Cote has taken her share of ribbing about her choice from friends and other students — even her boyfriend, who is an aerospace engineer. "He designs helicopters, so he and I often have this conversation about science vs. history, about how he gets paid to go to school, and how I have to pay to go to school," she says. "He says it's because his work is going to drive the economy, and I say, 'Well, it may drive the economy, but it's not going to drive humanity.' What good is a machine if we don't have imagination and the inspiration for what to do with it?" She has known since high school that income would not be her frst consideration in choosing a career. "I knew from the get-go I wanted a career that I was going to love and that made me feel like I was doing some- thing worthwhile in the world," she says. Cote's success has made her something of a role mod- el for the next generation of history students at Pierce. She has had Skype sessions with current Public History 'History does not only exist in an academic setting…It's everywhere, and we have the opportunity to teach it and let people experience it anywhere' This page, top to bottom: First Folio at the Folger; List of Actors; The Tempest; Twelfth Night. THIS PAGE: SHAKESPEARE FIRST FOLIO, 1623. FOLGER SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY (LOWER THREE IMAGES). FACING PAGE: SHUTTERSTOCK.

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