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on, McKinnon leaned in close and said, "I get this all the time." "He just let out this huge laugh," recalls McKinnon. "I was like, man, I just made Jimmy Bufett laugh. That's pretty cool!" Beyond the celebrity experiences, the chance to share her knowledge of Boston history with grateful frst-time visitors and the opportunity to wow young children who mar- veled at a truck being able to drive on land and water, made the job especially worthwhile. "The times when a couple would come up and say they'd been on tours all over the world and say mine was the best, or having a young boy give me a big hug after it was over, those meant a lot," she says. Finding It Hard to Navigate But the work was also demanding. The weather and the Boston trafc ("the Big Dig wasn't fun," says McKinnon) can be tough to navigate. Sometimes groups aren't responsive to a tour leader's cues. And staying in character for so many days, over so many months, takes its toll. By late November, when the season concluded, McKinnon was often mentally fried. Last year, McKinnon, who'd recently become engaged, made the difcult deci- sion to leave Duck Tours. Her fancé, Scott Johnson, is an elementary school principal and she wanted a job where her schedule could more closely align with her future husband's. Today, McKinnon works for her best friend, who runs a successful company that does lettering for trucks, boats, and signs. She's doing some accounting, some product management, and some marketing. It's new ground for McKinnon, but not uncomfort- able ground. She's grown accustomed to trying new experiences and pushing herself to learn new skills. A lot of that she chalks up to her experience at FPU. "I went to Pierce with one thing on my mind and left with that, but also a com- pletely separate set of skills, too," she says. "Having somebody like Doug Ley come to me and say, you can do both, you don't have to do one, that was big. To have a well- rounded group of skills where you can leave one kind of job and go to a completely difer- ent job and not drown, that's so important. With this new job, I'm treading water but I'm doing okay. I don't always know what I'm doing but I'm fguring it out." As [Jimmy] Bufett got comfortable and took in the throngs of fans who stood on cars and fences to cheer him on, McKinnon leaned in close and said, 'I get this all the time.' DUCK TOUR

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