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SPRING 2016 \ PIERCE 39 with the emergency responder crew, "to have that experience riding third on a helicopter so I would know if that was something that really interested me or not." From Observer to Chief A s it turns out, it suited her just fne. Despite her nerve-racking frst day on the job with DHART, she now admits that her role as chief fight nurse, at only 32, requires her to spend more time in the ofce than she would prefer. "I do very much love caring for patients," she says, "and fying and being on the ambulance and working with the crew." "My goal is to do a shift a week and then be able to keep up with my responsibilities here at the medical center." And she wants to spread the news that a career in emer- gency medical response is not just for thrill seekers. She recently completed a chapter for the new edition of a text- book for emergency fight providers, and she has visited her old high school to give a presentation about DHART. It is not just the medical and technical part of her job that Bondurant feels vital to communicate to anyone considering such a career. As for any nurse, the com- mitment lies deeper. "My career since an early age had shown me over and over the fragility of life," she says, "so I didn't anticipate being surprised about the emotional and spiritual impact it would have, but I was. Each individual case hits you diferently based on your experiences. It's hard to determine what's going to afect you. The ones involving children are always difcult." Maybe the most rewarding thing of all is to learn what we all want to learn about ourselves: when the world slips into chaos, will we be able to respond? The 19-year-old woman pinned under the car faced some neurological defcits, but managed to recover because an alarm went out and someone responded. Quickly. THE GOAL IS TO BE OFF THE GROUND IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES. FASTER IS BETTER. EVERY SECOND CRITICAL.

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