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DEVELOPMENT Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell '71 (45th Reunion) "Life hasn't been anything but exciting from the moment of thinking about graduation and my future!" says Car- leen, who has been on the University's Board of Trustees since 2010, having also served 1981-1994. "I couldn't leave Franklin Pierce behind; I'm still wedded to how well it does. I went away and took it with me. Friends are the gift you give yourself, and I gave myself the gift of my Franklin Pierce friends." Carleen, who has had a long and successful career in higher educa- tion, "learned a lot in the classroom, but my out-of-the-classroom experiences were lifelong, like working in residential life and admissions as a student." As Reunion Gift Chair, Carleen quickly gathered a team of dedicated '71 classmates, including Bruce Crockett, Bruce Kirsh, and Phil Curry, who are helping to reach out to classmates to boost donor and Reunion participation. "I've always felt like fundraising was part of my responsibility," says Carleen. "I love Franklin Pierce and want to be sure it's here for many generations to come! It's important to have something to reach for beyond day-to-day ups and downs." John Burke '66 , Dave Groder '66 (50th Reunion) John and Dave have been lifelong friends and are now working together to reach out to their 50th Reunion class. Dave reminisces on the "tre- mendous infuence Franklin Pierce has had on my life. Those of us who came in the frst year were pioneers. It was a total lesson in life. It also taught us respect and gave us a sense of pride." Dave met his wife, Gail, while at Franklin Pierce and had a long career in the printing business; John went on to work for the FBI for three decades before opening his own investigative company. For a while, Dave and John went their separate ways, but within the past 15 years or so, they began getting together regularly, and now, "It's like we're brothers again!" says Dave. Dave and John share a passion for the University—a place they helped get of the ground in a team efort with faculty, staf, and students. "We'd like to help more. We still have pride. Maybe the older you get, the more pride you get," says Dave. "Can you imagine if all alumni gave even $5 apiece? It's our 50th Reunion and John and I would certainly love to see all of you. If you haven't been to Pierce in a while, please re-engage. Come and meet some new friends and visit with your old classmates!" ABOVE: Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell '71 RIGHT : Dave Groder '66 and John Burke '66

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