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SPRING 2016 \ PIERCE 55 CLASS NOTES Frank Longo '72 writes, "I am living in Cocoa Beach, Fla., and work part-time in the local library. I have a three-year-old grandson named Dylan." Charlie Mann '72 writes, "I retired from teaching in Prince George's County Public Schools in 2013. I continue to be the Executive Director of Celestial Manna, Inc., which I founded in 1986. I have served as a cantor at Kehilat Ben David in Wheaton, Md., and another congregation for two decades. My wife and I reared four children and now have four grandchildren. I would love to open communication with former friends by Facebook or" Bradford (Brad) Sellew '73 writes, "After a 30-year career with Salomon Sports as a sales rep in Eastern New England, I followed the melting snow down the Connecticut River and into Long Island Sound. I am currently sailing in Tahiti." Stephen Eddy '75 is retired and currently living in Marathon, Fla. Helene (Greenewald) Just '76 writes, "Hello and Happy New Year! Helene '76, Steven '75, and Jesse are of to a good start. We added two beautiful Burmese kittens to our family: Louis and Fiona. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on a cruise to Western Caribbean on Royal Caribbean. We are snuggling in for the winter in front of our freplace which always reminds me of happy times in New Hampshire at Franklin Pierce." John Tepe '76 reports, "I am married to Concetta Tepe and have two children. Melissa graduated with a BA in English from Stonehill College in 2010 and is the Events Manager for the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, N.Y. Justin graduated with a BA in Biochemistry and Microbiology from Boston University in 2015 and will complete his master's in Public Health in Epidemiology from Boston University in 2016. We currently reside in Cortlandt Manor, N.Y." Bruce Brenner '77 is married with two daughters. His wife, both daughters, and parents attended his graduation. Bruce had a career in the printing business in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. He retired from Adobe Systems as the international type business manager. In his earlier days of type (late 70s, early 80s), Bruce met with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. This was working on contracts to license typeface designs from Linotype, a German company. "Our class was a special night class, and Walter Peterson was the president during my time at Pierce." E. Jonathan Holmes '78 writes, "After graduating from Franklin Pierce with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology in 1978, I've had a very satisfying career in Personnel Management and Human Resource Management. I'm now retired at age 59, living a most enjoyable life in a modest house, on a wooded piece of property in rural Kentucky with Kathy, my wife of almost 35 years." Phuong Nguyen '78 and Thu Thuy Nguyen '78 report, "Since leaving FPU, Thuy Phuong still keeps in touch with a number of alumni of Franklin Pierce. Thuy Phuong loves to hear from classmates at Franklin Pierce. In 2015, brother Tuu and his wife came down to see us, and we met for the whole Saturday morning reminiscing on past events. He is a local artist living in San Jose, Calif., who has created many beautiful paintings. In '78 while in school, I wrote an article about his achievements at FPU. I am deeply moved that after many years he still keeps the article on his cell phone. Another good friend, Debbie, also Thuy's roommate, contacts us. Debbie sent us a note every year from New Jersey to let us know how the kids are doing, as well as business activities. This year she waited until all the Christmas activities have slowed down before being able to write to us in a long letter. We love to read the Christmas letters. Thuy wrote to her from time to time and exchange greetings, phone number and pictures. Thanks to her, we feel a sweet relation of people in our family from generation to generation. Another is Thuy's roommate who lives in San Jose, Calif., with husband and children. She used to attend the annual spiritual seminar here in Houston. After the session was over, all of us went to a vegetarian restaurant nearby to eat lunch and share what happening during the year. We talk about family, friends and religion. 2015 was a successful year. Thuy found a long missing friend who belongs to a prayer group while she was in school. Rob now resides in Colorado and does a lot of traveling. Lately, he traveled to Ha Long Bay in Viet Nam and found it the most remarkable trip that he has ever taken. Last but not least, Mr. Tuu Ngo, our classmate, also lives in San Jose with wife and kids. One year, he drove with a group of friends to visit people here. Most of his friends were in the Navy before 1975, therefore the meetings were loud and plenty of food and drinks. He also stops by to see us and share the video he has taken with friends in Dallas, Texas. We are glad to know these alumni and walk with them in the walk of life. We are also glad because the school is small and students know each other well." Gregg Woolston '78 writes, "Pam and I travelled to Italy last year which included visiting the cities of Milan, Rome, Florence, Verona, and Asti, plus seeing fabulous wineries in Puglia, Abruzzo, Le Marche, Tuscany, Piedmont, Liguria, and the Tre Venezie regions. We fnished the trip staying a week in Cinque Terre and hiking through the hills and visiting the villages and enjoying the local fresh seafood. The food and wine combinations we encountered on this trip were amazing. Each region has their own unique cuisine We are getting married this May and traveling to France for our honeymoon." 80s Chris Derkas '80 updates, "I've lived in South Jersey for the last 20-plus years. Tracy, my wife of those 20 years, and I have a son, Tim (18), and a daughter, Samantha (16), both of whom are in high school. Tim has just completed his Eagle rank in Boy Scouts. Tim and Samantha both do winter track and are sprinters and hurdlers. Tracy is an elementary Arthur "Fritz" Dehn '72 writes, "Onto my 4th year post-retired from GE Healthcare! Enjoying my four grandkids that live very nearby. I was in the Caribbean for the month of February, then back home in Scituate, Mass., for a summer of golf and boating! Hi to all my old classmates and FPC professors and staf. Does anyone know where Jake Weiss '73 is and how to contact him?"

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