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32 PIERCE / FALL 2016 "I was shy and apprehensive about leaving home," says Judy, now a teacher who lives in Ham- den, Connecticut. "I'd come to Franklin Pierce and thought it's so beautiful here. So peaceful." She studied English literature and elementary education, joined the Outing Club, played field hockey, and wrote for the Pierce Arrow newspaper. She also appreciated the interpersonal connections she made with her professors, many of whom would often invite their students to their homes for dinner to continue the conversations they'd started in the classroom. "I never felt like a number," says Judy. "They were looking out for me. I came in as a business major and in an economics class I did a presentation on the Food and Drug Administration. Afterwards my professor came up to me and said, 'I want to introduce you to the head of the education department because I think you'd make an incredible teacher.' He was right." It was also at Pierce that Judy met her future husband, Larry Leach '82, and over the last three decades, they have furthered a family connection to the school unlike any other. Eleven members of the Leach family have graduated from Pierce, and 15 in all have attended. "I swear by that school," says Larry who, after a long career in the sports apparel business, was hired at Pierce and now serves as the Special Assistant to the President. "I know if people give it a chance what it will do for them." He didn't always feel that way. Like his future wife, Lar- ry Leach had visited Rindge in the fall of 1977. Unlike her, however, he didn't plan to attend. The Roosevelt, New York, native was there out of obligation. On the advice of a family friend, his mother had pushed him to enroll. But Larry, a highly touted high school basketball player, had dreams of attending a big- ger, higher profile school. He was so reluctant to attend Pierce he rebuked his mother and left home to make a living moving furniture for a company in Virginia. He lasted just two months. "Lifting bureaus, appliances, and pianos got old," says Larry. "I decided college was a better alternative and so I called up my mom and said, okay, bring me to that school." An adjustment to a new life in rural New Hampshire soon gave way to an embrace of the school and what it offered him. Like Judy, he liked the warmth of the com- munity, the way professors and school officials looked out for him. Over the next four years, Larry thrived in the classroom and helped put the school's basketball team on the map as the program's most-decorated player in its history. In 2009 he was inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame. When Larry graduated, his connection with the school WE HAVE INSIDE JOKES ABOUT PIERCE. JUST BEING ABLE TO SHARE THOSE STORIES, EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE TEN YEARS BETWEEN SOME OF US, THE EXPERIENCES AND THE JOY THAT PLACE BROUGHT US ARE STILL THE SAME. —LINDSEY LEACH '13 Clockwise from top left: Mike Raposa, daugh- ter Megan Raposa '15, father Frank Raposa, Chelsea Leach '15, Judith Raposa Leach '82; Katie Peterson Fornaci '04; Emerson Mayville and Katie Raposa.

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