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RAVENINGS SPRING 2017 \ PIERCE 15 G abriel Norwood '18 fought in The Battle of Appomattox Court House, one of the last and most decisive battles of the Civil War, as a corporal in the Union Army. No, the Franklin Pierce junior and History major didn't beat Ponce de León and the rest of us to the Fountain of Youth — he's a longtime Civil War re-enactor. "The …Civil War, for us Americans, is probably the defining event in our history, or the culmination of the early republican era," says Norwood, who is also minoring in Public History. "Everything that this republic is built upon was put to the test." Re-enactments not only give a wider scope of the sentiments and beliefs of the period, Norwood says, but they are better teaching tools than books. "When people are walking through camp, I attempt to talk to them. I try to pull them in," he says. "I view it more as a teaching experience. It is fun to do on its own, but unless you're actually teaching something, I don't think history has its full value." Norwood's interest in education is why he chose Franklin Pierce, one of the few universities with an undergraduate Public History program. And though he has participated in re- enactments since he was a freshman in high school, he says there is no doubt that the University has nurtured his interest and "matured his experiences." He participated in an internship at the Springfield Armory, which was originally the main arsenal for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He guided visitors touring the national historic site and its collection of industrial displays and U.S. military firearms. Living history museums like the Armory, and re-enactments, he believes, are ways for the general public to experience the past, to connect with it personally and intimately. Why read dry academic tomes to learn about history, when you can live it? — Katricia Lang Living in the Past Making History Come Alive " The …Civil War, for us Americans, is probably the defining event in our history." Great Strides F ranklin Pierce University was named 2016's Non-Profit of the Year by the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce. The award is given annually to a non-profit organization that displays an outstanding contribution to the area's quality of life and to the betterment of the community through enriching and improving the lives of its citizens. Franklin Pierce students are strongly encouraged to engage with the surrounding community through volunteer efforts at local elementary schools, and the University makes facilities such as the "Bubble," hiking and biking trails, Pearly Pond Beach, the tennis courts and DiPietro Library available for community members' use. Many Pierce alumni remain in the Monadnock region following graduation, making further economic contributions to the region and serving as an employee base for the community. "We are honored and humbled by the acknowledgement of our participation and engagement with local communities like Jaffrey," said President Kim Mooney '83, who accepted the award from the Chamber at a reception in February. — Holly Beretto '93 PIERCE NAMED NON-PROFIT OF THE YEAR From left to right: Sean McCarrick, Jaclyn Flaherty, Gabriel Norwood, and Shawn Grey Save the Date K im Mooney '83 will be installed as Franklin Pierce University's sixth president on Sept. 23, 2017, in a celebratory ceremony held on the Rindge campus. The event is a milestone for the University, as Mooney is the first alumna — and the first woman — to hold the position. Please consider joining us for the occasion, and stay tuned for further details. OUR SIXTH PRESIDENT

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