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SPRING 2017 \ PIERCE 33 M ore than 25 years after her emigration from Ireland, Mary C. Kelly's primary research interest still lies in Irish-American history. The history professor is currently working on her third book, about Irish-American nationalist politics, including Protestant involvement around the time of the Irish Revolution of the early 20th century. Kelly has been at Pierce for 20 years. Thanks to University funding, she has been able to hire History/Education major Christian Barbosa '17 as a research assistant. His work has proven invaluable to Kelly's latest book project. "Christian has found so much rich detail that I may never have found," Kelly says. "This experience has granted me an extraordinary opportunity to use skills learned in the classroom and translate them into practical tools," says Barbosa. At April's Academic Showcase, Kelly teamed up with history colleague Melinda Jetté for a panel on how to integrate students into the faculty research process. "Rather than publishing articles in obscure journals," explains Kelly, "I want my work to be meaningful in my classrooms and for all who are interested in the Irish immigrant experience in America." Kelly's goal is to help her students learn and experience history. She accomplishes this through creative assignments, including role-playing exercises that have students standing in the shoes of 1900s British suffragettes or of Germany's Otto von Bismarck. In her Sports Cultures and American History class, Kelly's students present on ethical issues in athletics, from gender disparity to gambling, and have roundtable discussions about those issues to gain deeper understanding. Pierce faculty themselves, says Kelly, are held to the highest standard of performance under President Mooney. "The bar has risen in recent years in terms of professional development and evaluation," she says. "There is a lot more accountability, which is not a bad thing." Mary C. Kelly: Finding Meaning in History I want my work to be meaningful in my classrooms and for all who are interested in the Irish immigrant experience in America. MBA in Energy and Sustainability introduced 2010- 2011 First MPAS white coat ceremony 2010

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