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SPRING 2017 \ PIERCE 35 T he way Professor Rhine Singleton sees it, there is no better way to use Franklin Pierce's 1,200-acre natural setting than as an ecolo gy lab. "Within 15 minutes, we can take students to several different ecosystems," he says. "We are doing data-driven science by investigating our wetlands, meadows and streams." Conducting research on the University campus, students have been able to compile land-use history. The hands-on approach to science is not limited to the Rindge grounds. Singleton co-leads a biennial trip to Costa Rica, where students research and observe in a tropical forest setting. In Singleton's courses, he often employs the "flipped classroom" method, in which students watch lectures away from class and come in prepared to collaborate on homework and group projects. This way, students are tasked with formulating the questions and finding the answers. Singleton's 2100 Project allows students to collect perspectives on how humans might achieve a sustainable future. The project includes an Earth Day essay contest open to all students. His own research has also become a tool in Singleton's classes. He recently developed a smartphone app for identifying trees on the Pierce campus, which students used to analyze leaf samples. Three Environmental Science majors are actively engaged, through a faculty development grant, in Singleton's collaborative research with colleagues Verna DeLauer [See story on page 12] and Catherine Koning on long- term monitoring of changes in campus wetlands, forest ecology and human attitudes about the environment. The trio of students shared findings in poster presentations at April's Academic Showcase. "Involving students in faculty research is impactful on many levels," says Singleton. "Perhaps, most of all, because students see how hard work can result in new scientific discoveries." Rhine Singleton: Campus as Classroom Involving students in faculty research is impactful on many levels. First Year Inquiry Seminar established (formerly IC101) Health Sciences major introduced – the first new major in more than 10 years Health Care Administration major introduced 2012

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