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SPRING 2017 \ PIERCE 41 I n 1999, the year after she took a position as an administrative assistant at Franklin Pierce, Vicky Rank '02, '05, MBA '12 began a long educational journey that would extend to 2012, when she officially graduated from the University, having earned an associate's degree, a B.S., and an MBA It was a voyage that almost was not — in Rank's very first semester. "I was getting ready to take my midterm and my husband called me," recalls Rank. "We found out he had cancer and the doctor told him to get his affairs in order. We had two young kids. I was going to quit school." Rank's colleagues and professors, she recalls, would not allow that. "They said, 'You are going to finish.'" While working full-time, raising her two children, and helping her husband, Travers, survive cancer, Rank completed her degrees. For her MBA alone, she traveled to Pierce's Concord campus, 77 miles round-trip from her Antrim home, once a week for nearly three years. Her devotion to Franklin Pierce began early in life, when Rank accompanied her father, former Pierce postmaster Herbie Robinson, to work. At night, Robinson would sit beside his children as they did their homework and pen letters to students with empty mailboxes. Today, Rank serves as an administrative assistant in the Center for Academic Excellence, where she calls herself a "friendly traffic cop," facilitating students' connections with tutors and counselors, and administering placement tests for incoming freshmen. Rank's daughter, Madison '14, has been among them. "The moment I am most proud of is when I was allowed to hand my daughter her Franklin Pierce diploma," Rank says. " We are a very close-knit community here. People ask where I live and I tell them I sleep [at my house] in Antrim, but I live here. Pierce is my home." The moment I am most proud of is when I was allowed to hand my daughter her Franklin Pierce diploma. Vicky Rank '02, '05, MBA '12: Creating a Pierce Legacy ANDREW CUNNINGHAM Special Education major introduced Project Management track for Management major introduced

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