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42 PIERCE / SPRING 2017 Fully online Emergency Medical Services program launched 2017 2016 Sports Media major introduced One of the defining platforms for the plan is that Pierce will be known as a community that encourages students to achieve success. Strategic Plan Helps Harness the Best of Pierce for a Stronger Tomorrow BY HOLLY BERETTO With Eyes to the Future W hen Franklin Pierce University President Kim Mooney '83 Ph.D. unveiled the school's new strategic plan on Dec. 1, 2016, she said that it was time for the University to "dig in and come together" to chart the path for Pierce's future. In the works since last spring, the multi-pronged plan is a clear blueprint for what's next at Pierce. More than that, it looks to all of Raven Nation for support. "Our last strategic plan had expired," explained Mooney. "And we'd had a transition in leadership. This initiative outlines our shared goals and institutional priorities, and how we will work to achieve them." "Advancing and Sustaining Raven Nation: Engage 2016 - 2020," the plan's proper name, will propel the University through 2020. The previous initiative took the school from 2012 – 2016. Given the timeline for that endeavor, "Making Connections," was past, it was natural for Pierce to take stock and determine what was vital to the school's success into the next decade and beyond. "We've laid out goals for building and sustaining enrollment," says Kenneth Ferreira, associate vice president for student financial service and chair of the strategic planning committee. "This is about strong fiscal management, maximizing our sources of revenue. It's also about building the brand of Franklin Pierce." Advancing institutional goals was no small task. The planning committee worked with colleagues across the University, soliciting input, gathering data, forming working groups and having both formal and informal discussions about what was working, what might need updating and what Pierce wanted for the future. One of the defining platforms for the plan is that Pierce will be known as a community that encourages students to achieve success. "We provide a distinctive education for our graduates," says Ferreira. "A liberal arts education is at the foundation of what we do, but we wanted to have a conversation about what makes us distinct, what differentiates us from other schools. One of those distinctions is that we can provide students with not only an undergraduate degree, but a post-graduate education." THE UNIVERSITY AT

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