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SPRING 2017 \ PIERCE 57 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION LETTER A s I prepare this update to our alumni and friends, I'm reflecting on the fact that I'm wrapping up my term as your Alumni Association President and as a member of the Alumni Board. It's an experience I've loved and that remains special to me. My interest to serve has been completely fueled by two factors: Franklin Pierce's appreciation of alumni support and an all-in, dedicated and committed Alumni Board. Whenever I visit campus, I'm reminded of the breadth of our alumni impact and presence. As a University, we are now approaching 19,000 graduates. Think about that number for a moment. It's impressive. Franklin Pierce has touched the lives of every one of those 19,000 individuals. Across our campuses, we have alumni who serve at every level of our staff: on the faculty, in athletics and administration, as graduate assistants, trustees, and of course, in leadership. When you hear the term "dedication," that's exactly what these alumni have offered and committed, with years of service to ensure Franklin Pierce succeeds. We can all be proud of the impact they've made and continue to make on this special place. Our most visible alumna on campus is President Kim Mooney '83, and her presence is such an exciting milestone in Franklin Pierce's history. Having a graduate of our University chart its future direction and success is, indeed, a special opportunity for us. Please consider how you can add your own influence, voice and ideas to Franklin Pierce's success. Franklin Pierce has been so supportive of the Alumni Board. I hope you will consider taking active roles. There are so many ways to help, be active and volunteer. Some work requires just a little effort, some asks for a greater commitment, but all are of tremendous value and genuinely appreciated by the University. The experience is what you make of it! Franklin Pierce's future partly falls on the shoulders of our alumni. Our collective alumni support of President Mooney and our University will help enable the brightest Franklin Pierce future. The installation of Kim Mooney '83 as our sixth president Sept. 23, 2017. Please watch for more details to come. I hope you will be able to join us in celebrating in this special milestone. Pierce Proud! BOB RILEY '82 President, Franklin Pierce University Alumni Association Ensuring our Future Alumni contribute to our success Franklin Pierce's future falls partly on the shoulders of our alumni.

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