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FALL / WINTER 2017 PIERCE 33 FILM CLASSICS A Career in Film is Born M cGillicuddy's only previous experience with film was prosaic: "From age 14 through college I was a page at the local library. I was also involved in the multimedia program, so I helped with public screenings." Her library experience attuned her to the yin and yang of focused research and serendipity. "I loved the card catalogs and reading the stacks. e skill set of the research librarian is becoming a lost art in this age of instant internet searches. Each book had its card and its place, but there was also the delight of looking at the next card or the next shelf and making a delightful discovery of something you didn't know you were looking for." From Pierce, McGillicuddy went to Atlanta's Emory University to earn a master's degree in film history and theory. While at Emory, she landed a paid internship at the 1996 Summer Olympics with an organization from Los Angeles that handled all of the entertainment. Based on that experience, she got in touch with a nonprofit organization that supported independent local film by connecting with another Emory grad. "I stayed there five and a half years," McGillicuddy recalls, "wearing many hats. I ran events and festivals, did programming , public relations, and marketing. I advanced to head programmer, but knew it was not a long-term career for me. I wanted to focus on finding great films and putting together programs and screenings to promote them." She le the nonprofit, and worked through several freelance positions, one of which she collaborated with TCM. "It was good timing and a good fit," McGillicuddy says. "TCM was looking for ways to connect with their fan community, to extend its name into a lifestyle brand." Now she develops brand extensions from the core business of network affiliates and cable TV companies. A Global Career With New Hampshire Roots M cGillicuddy and her husband, a freelance journalist, live in Grant Park, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta. "My house is across from a park that was once part of the Confederate defenses during the Battle of Atlanta," she notes. "e park is home to the zoo, and I can actually hear lions roar from my porch. My husband and I have restored a 1910 house over the last 14 years, which we share with our four cats." Travel is a big part of McGillicuddy's life. "Recently, we have spent time in Japan and Russia, and have spent a lot of time exploring Eastern Europe, including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Our next trip will be to South Africa." Having not been a communications major, McGillicuddy was a little surprised, but deeply honored to have been awarded the Fitzwater Medallion in 2015. "I want to credit Phyllis Zrzavy, professor of communication, who taught a course in understanding film and assisted me in developing material that I could use to submit to graduate school for film studies." Film is still an incredibly relevant medium, McGillicuddy states emphatically. "While television has become a haven for today's storytellers, the art of film, of creating a story for the big screen, is a unique and important cra. I wish that story, not spectacle, drove more of what Hollywood would produce these days." At left, McGillicuddy at the TCM Classic Film Festival, and above, with Sidney Poitier and Walter Mirisch.

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