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S ince its founding in 1990, Franklin Pierce's Iota Omega c hapter of Sigma Tau Delta hasn't received national recognition — but that all changed last fall. Franklin Pierce's chapter of the English h onor s ociety received the Outstanding Chapter Award and its advisor, Dr. Sarah Dangelantonio, was named an Outstanding Chapter Sponsor. In addition, seven Ravens were invited to present at the 2018 Sigma Tau Delta a nnual c onvention. "I am extremely proud of the achievements our chapter's members have already accomplished," sa id senior Troy Nikander, president of the Franklin Pierce c hapter. Franklin Pierce is one of three chapters to receive this international recognition as an Outstanding Chapter. The award is given annually for "exhibiting outstanding motivation, creativity and service." A plaque to hang in Petrocelli Hall and $500 for the chapter come with the award. Dangelantonio also received a plaque and $500. The Outstanding Chapter Sponsor Award is given annually to a sponsor "for giving generously of his or her time, talents and creativity to a local chapter." She has been a member of the honor society for 25 years, showing a true commitment to both the society and the students involved. "I enjoy getting students excited to be a part of the society and present at conventions," sa id Dangelantonio, who adds that she wants to "keep the chapter alive." Sigma Tau Delta was founded in 1924 and has over 900 active chapters around the world , inducting about 9,000 members annually. — David Hamilton — '17 HONOR SOCIETY Outstanding Ravens Get Recognized FACING PAGE: ANDREW CUNNINGHAM (HORROCKS); THIS PAGE: ANDREW CUNNINGHAM (SIGMA TAU DELTA); COURTESY OF DENNIS ST. PIERRE (ONE WAY TRIP TO MARS). CENTER STAGE A long-awaited interplanetary adventure premiered at the Waterville Opera House, with the launch of "One Way Trip to Mars." Director and Franklin Pierce alum Dennis St. Pierre '9 3 was instrumental in mounting the production, originally conceived by Maine musicians Peter Alexander and Johannah Harkness. St. Pierre also wrote the book and enlisted a number of professional performers to take part in the premiere. "One Way Trip" tells the story of a one-man, one-way mission to Mars in the year 2033. e reuniting of two lovers a er an earthly catastrophe leads to a new beginning for humanity. e rock opera received good notices from local press, which cited its spirited staging and songs. — David Hamilton '17 Dennis St. Pierre '9 3 Premieres 'One Way Trip to Mars' Above: The production of "One Way Trip to Mars." Left: Dennis St. Pierre with Johannah Harkness and Peter Alexander (shown left to right). SPRING / SUMMER 2018 PIERCE 11 Second row, left to right: Dr. Decker, Dr. Landis, Assist. Prof. Schulte, Dr. Dangelantonio and Shaye Kisiel. Front row, left to right: Caitlyn Mulcahy, Katie Davert, Brigid Klaft, Troy Nikander, Kaylee Redard, Jessica Wolfe and Eryn Newman

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