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RAVENINGS Franklin Pierce Firefi ghters Respond to Local Call ON THE SCENE F ive Franklin Pierce University students responded out of the on-campus fi re station Jan. 22 for a motor vehicle accident. The story was reported in the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript. While responding to accidents and other mutual aid calls throughout the town and region is nothing new for the students, the make-up of this group was unique — all fi ve students on the call were female. "It's kind of funny because it's not something we really think about," said Jessie Janas, a sophomore from Huntington, N.Y. "It didn't even occur to us at the time [that we were a 100 percent female crew]. It's just a natural response for us." Janas was joined by fellow FPU students Carissa Gordon '20 , Kiera Duggan '21 , Hannah Schwach-Trovitch '21 and Dakota Hines '21 , who make up fi ve of the 13 student fi refi ghters on campus, according to station captain and Rindge fi refi ghter Casey Burrage. Overall, Burrage said there are eight females on the crew, fi ve of which are freshmen. "We are getting more and more women joining every year to the point that they now outnumber the men," said Burrage. "I was pretty excited when I saw we had a 100 percent female crew. It completely changes the gender stereotype." Deborah Pendergast, director of the N.H. Division of Fire Standards and Training & Emergency Medical Services, said she was happy to hear of the all-female crew, and admitted that she had never heard of that happening before. "I would defi nitely say there has been a very recent increase," said Pendergast. "There has been an uptick over the past two or three years." Trovitch, a freshman from Billerica, Mass., said she has never really noticed a divide between the men and women in Rindge. "We are all equal, we don't differentiate," said Trovitch. "I wasn't raised on those ideals." The town of Rindge took over the operations of the University station around 2007 and currently houses one of their fi re engines in the station. The fi ve-woman crew from FPU all have some degree of interest in carrying their current passion for fi refi ghting, whether that be as a volunteer or more of a career. Another important factor is to be a role model for younger girls. "We've seen younger kids look up to us from a lot of things we've done on campus," said Duggan, a freshman from Billerica , Mass . "Kids want to take pictures with us, which is great." In an email titled "So proud!," President Mooney wrote all fi ve students to say how wonderful it was to see their story on the front page of the local paper. "As the fi rst female president of Franklin Pierce University and as the daughter of a fi refi ghter, the story about the all-female crew responding to a local accident made me especially proud. Thank you for representing Franklin Pierce so professionally both at the accident scene and throughout the interview. Well done!" SPRING / SUMMER 2018 PIERCE 13 TIM TRUMBLE (CONTROLLED BURN); USED WITH PERMISSION OF THE © MONADNOCK LEDGER-TRANSCRIPT (FEMALE FIREFIGHTERS).

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