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SPRING / SUMMER 2018 PIERCE 17 for achievement in scienc e, technolog y, engineering and math, the STEM subjects," said Singleton. Beyond the obvious glow of a large and prestigious grant for a specifi c program, Singleton said the award was "recognition by the NSF that the University can tout as recognition of general excellence. It refl ects on the overall reputation of the school as one that has motivated and engaged students doing rigorous academic work. It really shows the intellectual culture on campus." While the grant is large, it is not the core of an endowment. e immediate focus for faculty and staff is getting the program established and the search for worthy matriculants. A er those processes are set, though, Singleton said that plans will be formed for further development. " ere is an opportunity to apply for continuation of the program," he stated. " ere will be continued reporting through the current grant and we hope to demonstrate through that that the program is eff ective. It is too early to have a sense of what the competition for that might be, but we also hope to fi nd other ways to continue the program as well." – Gregory DL Morris

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