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SPRING / SUMMER 2018 PIERCE 25 e C&S Scholars Program was born as a competitive, targeted eff ort to not only give students those real-world experiences so vital to their postcollege futures, but also solve a problem for C&S — attracting top talent. e initiative provides both intern and co-op opportunities for excellent students. During their freshmen and sophomore years, Pierce students can learn about C&S through on- campus guest lectures from C&S employees, career panels and mock interviews. As sophomores, they can apply to become a C&S Scholar. ose accepted to the prestigious appointment will complete a 160-hour, three- credit internship at C&S during their junior year and go on to complete a 500-hour, nine- credit cooperative experience, where they will work full time at C&S for one semester during their senior year. e program is the fi rst time the company has established an offi cial partnership with a college. C&S Wholesale Grocers is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S. Based in Keene, N.H., it provides supermarkets across the country with more than 140,000 products, from seafood to dish soap. Working with a massive network of food and grocery companies, C&S funnels products from regional distribution centers to nearly 6,500 stores in 15 states. If you've shopped at Stop & Shop, Safeway, Market Basket, Kroger or Winn- Dixie, chances are something in your cart came through C&S. e company has long been a place where Pierce students have interned — and o en gone onto work . [ S ee alumni profi les, P ages 26-27 ]. But C&S was looking for ways to identify talented potential employees earlier in their academic careers. Knowing not only the caliber of student s Franklin Pierce attracts, but its commitment to being a regional collaborator, C&S sought out the school. "We naturally decided to engage in conversation with Franklin Pierce because of successful hires in the past and also from a strategic perspective, as students may be interested in staying in the Keene area a er graduation," sa id Melissa Farmer, program manager, for college relations at C&S. President Mooney and then-interim provost Lynne Rosansky were immediately on board with the idea. In addition to giving students a pathway into a possible career with a top-performing national company, it further established Pierce as a committed collaborator and a place where bright students can create an even brighter future. "Franklin Pierce has a profound economic impact throughout the Monadnock Region. As we think about the institutional resources we invest to recruit smart, motivated students, we all win if the students we educate on our Rindge campus become interns, co-op students and ultimately well-educated and loyal employees for our partner institutions," sa id Mooney. e program is a custom-tailored initiative developed by Pierce for C&S, and an example of how Pierce's small size allows it to be nimble in responding to the needs of the Monadnock Region's business community. "Co-ops and experiential learning have been part of business programs for almost as long as they've existed," sa id Ed French, dean of the id College of Business at Franklin Pierce. "At Pierce, our business students are required to complete an internship. So, with the C&S Scholars Program, we were able to take something we had been doing and expand on it to make it a win-win for both C&S and our students." While the initiative is in its infancy, French indicated that the school might use it as a template for developing other partnerships with regional employers. Farmer sa id that while C&S has long welcomed interns from both Pierce and Keene State College , this program helps capture something unique — the kind of student Pierce produces. "When we are looking for intern candidates , we are really looking for students who want to come in and not only learn and develop but who also make a lasting impact," Farmer said. "We've seen these sorts of qualities coming out of Franklin Pierce students," she sa id . e fi rst group of C&S Scholars will begin their internships this fall. Eight students were off ered admission to the program. French stresses that the initiative was not limited to students majoring in business disciplines. C&S has opportunities in information technolog y, human resources, marketing, sales, procurement and a host of administrative capacities. French cal l s the students selected "high-performing, engaged, ambitious students," which is exactly what C&S is looking for. "C&S is very excited about this venture and to see where it takes us," sa id Farmer. "We have seen great success coming out of recent hires graduating from Franklin Pierce and are excited to continue on this path." For the University, the C&S Scholars Program is one more way to diff erentiate itself from other institutions. But more than that, it is the embodiment of Mooney's vision about the kind of place Franklin Pierce is — a school that can not only transform the lives of its students, but one that has a broad impact on the community. "Developing this program demonstrates the eff orts underway at Franklin Pierce are innovative and entrepreneurial," she sa id . "We are able to move quickly and create initiatives that make a diff erence in the lives of our students and partners , and we're able to leverage relationships for shared success." When we are looking for intern candidates, we are really looking for students who want to come in and not only learn and develop but who also make a lasting impact. — MELISSA FARMER

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