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/ 26 PIERCE SPRING / SUMMER 2018 K arissa Atwood's job is to build relationships between K arissa Atwood's job is to build relationships between K C&S and manufacturers, with the goal of providing K C&S and manufacturers, with the goal of providing K better service to the customers down the C&S K better service to the customers down the C&S K supply chain. She works with companies like Kellogg's and Campbell's to be sure they're providing timely delivery of products so C&S can move them along to grocery store shelves. "It's about creating better supply chain effi ciency," she sa id . Atwood has been at C&S for fi ve years, where she started as an associate buyer in 2013. She had two promotions in 2014, fi rst as a buyer and later as a supervisor. Two years later, she was promoted to manager of procurement. Earlier this year, she was promoted again to her current position. "I've been able to step into a long-lasting career here," she sa id . "And that's been exiting for me." Atwood's undergraduate degree is in sports and recreation management, with a minor in marketing. While at Pierce, she played volleyball for the Lady Ravens and was inducted into the University's Hall of Fame in 2016. She earned her MBA in leadership from Pierce in 2015, while at C&S. "Doing my MBA online helped propel me to move forward and provide insight in my career," she sa id . "It also provided me with insight and a way of learning that adds to my day-to-day activities. It was a huge area of growth for me, personally and professionally." Atwood sa id that the opportunities she has been id that the opportunities she has been that the opportunities she has been id aff orded at Pierce and C&S have enriched her life. She met her husband, Tom Atwood '09, at Pierce and they Building Relationships Karissa Atwood '09, '15, SENIOR MANAGER, PARTNERSHIP AND PROGRAMMING J osh Holt was only half paying attention one day in Jason Little's business class — that is, until he clued in that the professor was talking about jobs. e about-to-graduate senior fi gured he should take note. Turns out, Little was talking about C&S looking to recruit students for full-time positions. Hired right a er graduation, Holt has been with C&S for just about a year. He handles all the set-up for new items and works with C&S vendors to create what he sa id are "productive relationships." "I work with the Procter and Gamble and the Clorox's of the world," s aid the former marketing major. " ere's lots of paperwork and I am responsible for what's happening with our items, where they are in transit and making sure that our systems align." In his short time with the company, he sa id he has learned a lot. While his classroom studies might have given him a foundation, he says nothing compares to seeing how business works on a day-to-day basis. He sa id he feels like he's still learning the business, as well as learning about himself. "I want to make the most out of this opportunity," he sa id . "My goal right now is to push myself and prove what I can do." Holt transferred to Pierce as a junior, following a stint at Methodist University in Fayetteville, N.C. Originally from Southampton, Mass., he was "happy in the middle of nowhere" and fell immediately in love with Pierce's mountain setting. He also loved its small size. He played on Pierce's men's golf team and picked up internships and summer jobs around his western Massachusetts home. Pierce, he sa id , opened the door to his career at C&S, and he is excited that his alma mater and his employer are now working together to help students like him gain solid experience. "C&S is the biggest little company you've never heard of," he sa id . "It's like this $30 billion company and it's right there in Keene. e C&S Scholars Program will give students a chance to see what it's like to work at a large company." Meanwhile, Holt is embracing the experiences that come his way. "I'm the kind of person who wants to be challenged," he sa id . " at's what Franklin Pierce lets you do — challenge yourself — and it's what you get here at C&S." Starting Out Josh Holt '17, ASSOCIATE MERCHANDISE ANALYST C&S ALUMNI SPOTLIGHTS

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