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SPRING / SUMMER 2018 PIERCE 31 2017, placing the undergraduate and graduate programs under one umbrella. Building on that success, this year the College of Business continues to enhance educational opportunities for all of its students. "We will start seeing some signifi cant changes in the College of Business in 2018," said Provost and Vice President of Academic Aff airs James DuMond. " e way we were structured previously did not promote our business programs or shine the light that it needed to market them to the region." e College of Business had been operating in two diff erent silos. Undergraduate coursework took place at the College of Rindge, while graduate students studied in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, with off erings online or at campuses in New Hampshire and Arizona. "We're creating a combined College of Business and bringing together two sets of faculty that were previously not in the same location and making it a single entity," DuMond said. "Part of our objective in doing this is to strengthen the seamless transition for undergraduate students to continue to the graduate program, maintain their relationships with faculty and continue to receive mentoring." e courses in the College of Business, said DuMond, will not change. " e curriculum remains the same," he said. "We are bringing the resources together that existed in two diff erent colleges because we felt it was the best thing to do for our students, particularly at the undergraduate level." Business courses have been part of the undergraduate curriculum since Franklin Pierce was established. e changes in the College of Business, however, refl ect how Pierce looks to a leader in a broader trend that acknowledges the needs for business, STEM and liberal arts to coexist. " e intersection of the liberal arts and professional preparation is a notable strength of a Franklin Pierce education," said Mooney. "Students want to know that they are employable a er they graduate and it is no surprise that our two largest undergraduate majors are Health Sciences and Business , both of which have direct pathways to our graduate programs, and whenever possible, in an accelerated timeline." "We certainly do value the liberal arts, but we are also working to address employers' expectations by preparing students for professional careers in fi elds like accounting, business and fi nance," said DuMond. is summer, Pierce will introduce a master's degree in accounting. e advanced degree should help students leverage their job prospects and provide a more in-depth opportunity for business study. "We are also working to recruit an international cohort for this degree," DuMond said. "Graduate degrees in accounting are appealing to international students, so we're off ering a hybrid plan: an international student can come to campus in the summer and take classes with us, then return to their home country and complete the coursework online." While this setup is designed with international students in mind, students here in the States will have these same options for hybrid on- and off -campus learning. In another hybrid move, Pierce is examining ways to incorporate the College of Business' growth with the College at Rindge's established health sciences program. Nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country and in many parts of the U.S., there are serious shortages of trained nurses. e demand for skilled, highly educated nurse administrators is on the rise. " e College of Business is addressing that need by off ering a dual MSN/MBA degree, targeting nurses who would like to strengthen their professional position by becoming prepared for supervisory roles," DuMond said. "We hope to begin off ering this fully online degree in fall 2019." Students will be able to choose an MSN concentration in either nursing education or nursing leadership. e school is also considering off ering a master's degree in nursing, as well. e 14- to 16-month program would be an accelerated course of study, allowing students to complete a four-year degree i n about half that time. "It will give students all the educational material they'll need to sit for licensure to be a registered nurse," said DuMond. He says developing these kinds of executive-style programs is highly strategic. "We're working toward encouraging students to take advantage of some of these programs that are really gaining popularity," he said. " is will provide them with a strong academic background that will propel them forward in their professional careers." Meanwhile, Pierce faculty continue to work with Ed French '11 DA , d ean of the College of Business, to expand their vision for the future. eir evolving plans include ideas for new curricula and creative ways to connect Pierce students with business leaders for mentoring and career guidance. This page, left to right: Dean of the College of Business Ed French in a classroom. Students in class.

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