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SPRING / SUMMER 2018 PIERCE 35 Shibinette returns to the psychiatric hospital where she began her career in 1995, having moved to the United States from her native Nova Scotia a er earning a nursing diploma from the Cape Breton Regional Hospital School of Nursing. She worked as a nurse at NHH for two years, and then became director of nursing services at St. Francis Nursing Home in Laconia, N.H. at's when she discovered it was in administration where she could make the biggest impact with patient care. She would go on to earn a B.S. in nursing, but she realized that she needed a better grasp of the business side of things. "Nursing opened the door for me and developed my passion for serving the poor, the mentally ill and the elderly," she sa id . "But it was getting my MBA that has allowed me to really understand how to read fi nancial documents and get a deep understanding of how to best implement the principals of evidence-based practice." at Shibinette has taken on such an important role comes as no surprise to Dr. Michael Mooiman, associate professor of business in the College of Business at the University. He remembers her being completely engaged in the fi nance course he has taught for the past several years. "I've been very impressed with what she's done with her career," he sa id , noting that they have stayed in touch since Shibinette graduated. "She has an amazing capacity for hard work and being able to make diffi cult decisions, and that's what makes her a great leader." Shibinette pointed to the focus on leadership that is woven into the fabric of the MBA program, skills that she is using as she puts together a new executive team that can help her turn things around. e work will include a comprehensive assessment of the hospital's procedures and policies, dealing with Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, tackling its $50 million budget, working with the 600 employees — some of whom she remembers from her early days — and creating its fi rst master plan. In addition, she will investigate a recent growth in incidents where patients have injured health care workers. Once things have stabilized at the hospital, she plans to return to FPU as an adjunct faculty member, something she has done since graduation. "I love teaching at Franklin Pierce, especially to adult learners taking undergraduate courses — they are so eager to learn," she sa id . "It's a great place to teach."

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