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8 PIERCE SPRING / SUMMER 2018 RAVENINGS vice president of academic aff airs, before she was appointed president in August 2016. During the ceremony, Mooney was presented with the Presidential Medallion for Franklin Pierce University. Part of an academic tradition dating to the middle ages, chains of offi ce are worn by university presidents during ceremonial occasions as part of his or her regalia. e Franklin Pierce chain of offi ce is a collection of six medallions representing the tenure of the University's six presidents, the dates of their tenure etched into each medallion, anchored by a larger medallion depicting the University seal. Mooney called the event "humbling and inspiring" in her keynote. She spoke about how, as a fi rst-generation college student, the school fostered in her a commitment to excellence and gave her the foundation for her three-decade career in higher education. " e fact that I am both the fi rst woman and fi rst alumna president speaks to this university's youth and to its coming of age," she said, noting that she knew each of her predecessors and that Pierce still enjoys the company of alumni from the fi rst graduating class. "Our youth as an institution is to our benefi t. It energizes innovation, it tests boundaries and it keeps us agile. We welcome students to make our options work for their academic goals," she said, highlighting the off erings on campus, online and available as a hybrid of both. "Access to higher education is a driving factor of this university." Mooney discussed how when Franklin Pierce opened its doors in 1963, it was a time of unrest and revolution in this country, but Pierce was committed to excellence in education. e next revolution in higher education is not entirely clear, she said, "but it is that unrelenting uncertainty that galvanizes my resolve to commit to creative, thoughtful and fl uid leadership of Franklin Pierce as we design a sustainable future." She spoke of how Franklin Pierce is a precious resource for its students, to the broader New England region and for New Hampshire and Arizona, where its campuses are based. "Our programs and our graduates are integral to the civic engagement and economies beyond our boundaries," she said. Mooney's vision for Pierce is one of unrelenting excellence and innovation, where Pierce is a valued partner in the lives of its students and in shaping the future of its communities. rough continued partnerships with employers, nonprofi ts and civic groups, she sees the University as a key player in solving the challenges of the 21st century. "We know ourselves," she said. "We are a community empowered by our resilience, enriched by our diversity, emphatic in our belief in the potential of every student ... ank you to the k Board of Trustees for not only entrusting me with the future of this institution, but also with its soul." — Holly Beretto '93 Kim Mooney '83, Ph.D. (top). The Board of Trustees procession for the Installation ceremony.

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